1.                                         Munich, 25th October 2013     Greetings beloved Pane Andov;     I thought of you this morning in my meditation to visit your site and send you an e-mail.   When checking my e-mails, I saw yours ……   My warmest thanks to you for your lovely e-mail with lots of wise sayings. Just marvelous.   I was and am in thoughts with and wish you and your whole family the very best from my heart.     With warmest regards,   Jeannot     with best wishes / meilleures salutations / mit besten GruessenHEIDERSCHEID VERWALTUNG AG Jeannot G. HEIDERSCHEIDAdministrator / Administrateur / VorstandHeidemannstr. 11 BD-80939 Munich, BavariaGermanyTel: +49 89 3118029 Fax: +49 89 3118089e-mail: <jheiderscheid-ag@t-online.de>     

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