5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. the best truest inspirational message that I totally agree with and heartily endorse,great illustrations,and thought provoking texts, all of which ,I can prove, needs ,universal-expansion, GREAT,! By the sons of LIGHT.??

  2. Hi Pane, Thanks for the InspirationŠIf you haven’t seen it yet check out Paul LaViolette’s latest interview. http://etheric.com/paul-laviolette-camelot-livestream-interview/ There is really much about it that overlaps with your prediction re 12/21/12 although the date is different, sometime around April, give or take a few months. Also, the initiating cause of the big change is different, that is a huge explosion at the galactic core caused by the approach of the G2 cloud. (The first 17 minuets of his interview really don’t add much but other than that it’s right on point.) Good luck with your important workŠWe all need a bit of good luck these days!


    Bob From: Pane Andov 2012 Reply-To: Pane Andov 2012 Date: Saturday, December 7, 2013 6:12 PM To: Robert Cohen Subject: [New post] Inspiration

    WordPress.com Pane Andov posted: ” “

  3. Great work. It would seem that your theories were not wrong indeed. There has been updates by individual such as Dr. Paul laviolette who are expecting this galactic superwave to hit this earth in the very near future.

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